The B.U. Podcast

The Bloody Underrated Podcast was a show all about music, hosted by our very own Al Lafrance. After months of indecision, Al finally decided to bring the podcast to a halt in early 2013, after a few final episodes. Though these episodes are no longer available on itunes or on this very site, you can go see more info about them by clicking their links below. They will all be released on a sweet DVD in 2014, on B.U. Records, our record label.

Did you know that if you play all the BU podcasts back-to-back, they go for 53 hours? We’d call that one hell of a mixtape. And that’s what the DVD will be!

If you’d like to check out any individual episode, here they all are:

03/09/13: BUP60: Long Slow Goodbye (In this final episode, Al plays through a variety of songs that are simply great. From folk to metal, and everywhere in between.)
02/09/13: BUP59: She’s So Heavy (A whole bunch of punk & metal! Some of Al’s favourites ever.)
01/12/13: BUP58: Skip-Hop (Our first (and last) entirely hip-hop-focused episode.)

12/08/12: BUP57: Long Time No See (Featuring a bunch of extra-long songs that have brought Al joy & sorrow over the past few years)
08/15/12: BUP56: Name That Song! (featuring Emily Skahan, solo performer and member of Montreal’s poppiest group of cute lady-musicians, Motel Raphael)
08/01/12: BUP55: Animal Crackers (Featuring the music and playlist-creating talents of the amazing and versatile Brie Neilson)
07/15/12: BUP54: Months of Anticipation (Featuring music chosen (and some of it performed) by the lovely Annie Becker!)
07/01/12: BUP53: Proterrible! (Indie rock, featuring Shane Adamczak aka Zack Adams. Hooray!)
06/10/12: BUP52: Fringetunes (Various. Featuring Amy Blackmore, director of the Montreal Fringe Festival, dancer/choreographer and occasional karaoke all-star.)
06/01/12: BUP51: Laughter & Leather (Pub rock, lo-fi brilliance and a LIVE PERFORMANCE by Chris Durning of The Bawdy Electric.)
05/15/12: BUP50: The Future is Filled With Tiny Songs (Indie rock and general awesomeness. Featuring the always-amazing Elgin-Skye.)
05/01/12: BUP49: Cloud Vocals (Indie & Hip Hop. Featuring Risa Dickens of Yelp & Indyish, once again!)
04/15/12: BUP48: East Coast Scouten (Folk & some blues from her Montreal days. Whose days? Still Sarah Jane Scouten’s!)
04/01/12: BUP47: West Coast Scouten (Folk & some punk from her BC days. Whose days? Sarah Jane Scouten‘s!)
03/15/12: BUP46: There’s No Door (Psych Rock. Featuring Kathryne Radburn!)
03/01/12: BUP45: Rambly Ramble (All covers! Featuring Vic!)
02/15/12: BUP44: Rise and Shhhh (Punk Rock/Heavy Metal. Featuring Jamie O’Meara, former singer of Rise, currently freelancing as a journalist.)
02/01/12: BUP43: Forever Leprechauns (Indie/Rock, mostly local. Featuring Risa Dickens from Indyish and!)
01/15/12: BUP42: Me Myself & Dan (Folk/Traditional from all over the world. Featuring Dan Gelinas of You Yourself & I)
01/01/12: BUP41: I’ll Have My Eggs Burgled & Boiled, Please (Indie/Folk from the West Coast. Co-hosted by the great Elgin-Skye!)

12/25/11: BUP40: Expletive Deleted (Co-hosted by Edge of the City‘s Paul Aflalo. The theme is vulgarity – None of these songs are anywhere near clean.)
12/15/11: BUP39: The Best of 2011 (features 20 songs selected from the top 10 records of 2011)
12/01/11: BUP38: So We Went to Toronto, Right? (Various. Co-hosted by Vic, and Toronto Sketchfest-Themed!)
11/15/11: BUP37: Shadow Down! (Folk, Acoustic, etc. featuring Paul Aflalo from Edge of the City!)
11/04/11: BUP36: Pickle Pancake Shaboopaloo (Very Various. featuring Shayne Gryn, the busiest man in Montreal)
10/08/11: BUP35: Off-Jazzaliciousness! (Experimental Jazz)
10/15/11: BUP34: With Our Balls Out (Stoner Rock/Metal, featuring theatre student and all-around awesome guy Matt Xhignesse)
09/15/11: BUP33: An Abundance of Waffles (….various. Featuring Vic!)
08/15/11: BUP32: You Don’t Exist (Cabaret Rock, Folk, Gyspsy Blues, featuring Deirdre G, one of the 2011 Montreal Fringeterns!)
07/15/11: BUP31: It’s Always Fringe Somewhere, Right? (Folk, Indie Rock. Featuring Vic!)
07/01/11: BUP30: Jazzaliciousness! (Jazz)
06/15/11: BUP29: International Brutality Institute (Metal!)
06/01/11: BUP28: It’s Like Paradise (Indie Rock)
04/15/11: BUP27: Without a Cold (Indie Rock)
04/01/11: BUP26: Duke-apalooza! (featuring Phil Duke of Deadline Arson) (Indie Rock/Experimental)
03/15/11: BUP25: Where are all my Festivus tracks? (Random)
03/01/11: BUP24: My itunes Bills Are Getting Outrageous (Indie)
02/15/11: BUP23: We Put The Punk In Spunk (Punk, Punk Rock)
02/01/11: BUP22: Cake Fiesta! (Indie Rock)
01/15/11: BUP21: Bloody Underrated vs. Jackal Island (featuring David Krajic, aka Jackal Island. (Indie, Electro-Indie)
01/01/11: BUP20: Not Forgotten (Indie Rock)

12/15/10: BUP19: Close Calls (Punk, Indie, Metal!)
12/10/10: BUP18: The Best of 2010 (Metal, Indie, Punk)
12/01/10: BUP17: Cover Frenzy (Metal!)
11/20/10: BUP16: Fragments of Fragments of Fragments (Electronica, Indie)
11/10/10: BUP15: When I Woke Up… (Indie, Jazz?)
11/01/10: BUP14: Drinkin’ Music (Soft Indie, Blues, Indie Rock)
10/20/10: BUP13: Get Psycho! (Psychobilly, Punk)
10/10/10: BUP12: Cauldron of Metal (Hardcore/Heavy Metal)
10/01/10: BUP11: Holler! (Alternative Rock)
09/20/10: BUP10: Schmoke and a Pancake (Stoner Rock/Hard Rock)
09/10/10: BUP09: Big Softy (Indie/Alternative)
09/01/10: BUP08: Not Listenable to Most (Grindcore, Post-Hardcore)
08/20/10: BUP07: Disappearing Acts (Indie/Alternative)
08/10/10: BUP06: Ker-Punked! (Punk/Alternative)
08/01/10: BUP05: P-P-P-Punk Your Face (Punk)
07/20/10: BUP04: A Bit o’ the Blues (Blues/Folk/Indie)
07/10/10: BUP03: Voyage Through the Mainstream (Alternative)
07/01/10: BUP02: Metal, eh? (All-Canadian Metal)
06/29/10: BUP01: A Wee Bit o’ Punk (Punk Rock, Alternative)

Enjoy, and feel free to share your thoughts with us!