Solid Twenty: A Podcast

Keepin' it simple.

Keepin’ it simple.

Somehow, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that the Bloody Underrated Podcast had accomplished all that it could. It wasn’t a question of listenership or diversity: it was a question of quantity. Surely, there was more music for me to play, more bands for me to go crazy over.

Of course there were. I just had to stop limiting myself. Solid Twenty is a brand-new weekly podcast with a simple mission: To give the listener a crash course in one specific artist. Every week. Or every other week. Or once a month. Or just whenever you feel like it.

Exactly 20 minutes per show. At least 18 minutes of music + The briefest of bios & factoids.

Welcome to my obsession.

Solid Twenty #001 releases on July 4th.