Let’s Do This!


This semi-monthly comedy show was launched in October 2012 as an attempt to do something different in Montreal’s comedy world, and to push out tons on new material in an under-used room: MainLine Theatre’s alternate space, the MiniMain. Here’s an archive of the shows, and what happened in ’em.

#01: Get Smashed! (October 13th, 2012)
At this show, we encouraged everyone to drink a whole lot while enjoying some great comedy. This show featured a “wheel of drinking” that was covered in various drinking tasks, and was spun between every act. Featured on this show were Greg Hamilton, Molly Brisebois and Aural Turpitude. Everybody got a shot of Fireball just for showing up, and the show culminated with the audience chanting “Humans! Humans! Humans!” over and over as they exited the building.

#02: Get Naked! (November 22nd, 2012)
At this show, we encouraged all our comics (and anyone in the audience) to shed some clothing. On the bill were Gerard Harris, Darren Henwood and Kirsten Rasmussen. Half the audience ended up pantsless, and a bunch of people paired up to try to go see some films at Cinema L’Amour. That part didn’t work out so great.

#03: Get Presents! (December 13th, 2012)
At this show, the admission price was either 5$ or a wrapped present – which culminated in a giant gift exchange between performers and audience members. Tons of people left with presents in hand. On the bill that night were Walter J. Lyng, Stephen Spinola, and Nate Hartswick…who ended up being trapped in the US.

#04: Get Surprised! (January 9th, 2013)
At this show, there were no rules. And very little planning. And a whole lot of awesomeness. On the bill were Mike Carrozza, Emma Wilkie, Zack Adams, and “Southern Heat” aka Lea Rondot & Keith Waterfield. Highlight of the night? The entire audience slowdancing to Phil Collins’ “Groovy Kind of Love”. Weird.

#05: Get ‘er Done! (February 7th, 2013)
This show wasn’t quite hosted by Al Lafrance – it was hosted by Flapjack Cadillac, whose premiere performance it was. Comics’ sets were interlaced with Flapjack sketches instead of following traditional hosted format. On the bill were Jeremy Dobski, Jess Salomon, and Daniel Carin. Fun fact: Members of Flapjack Cadillac ruined two whole sets of clothing in this show.

#06: Get Schooled! (September 12th, 2013)
This one was somewhat educational, for a change! DeAnne taught us about long-forgotten rapper Lil’ Shrimp, while fellow comics Mike Carrozza, Jason Hatrick and David McGimpsey each also somehow ended up discussing things that were nautical. Nobody drowned during the creation of this event.

#07: Get Weird (December 12th, 2013)
As if our shows needed to get weirder, this happened. At this show, Al did a bunch of weird shit, a stuffed octopus did a 4-minute set, Alain Mercieca and Daniel Carin did some more weird shit, Maxine Segalowitz clowned around, and Karen Fennell & Jackie Gallant got even weirder. And then we all danced for a while.

#08: Get Warm! (February 27th, 2014)
Featuring Scott Andrew Carter, Chris Sandiford, Molly Brisebois, and as always, DeAnne Smith and Al Lafrance. This one was beach-themed. The heating broke so it was actually super cold, Al hosted while wearing just a bathing suit.

#09: Get Physical (April 3rd, 2014)
Featuring Karen Fennell, Stephen Trepanier and more. Eat your heart out, Olivia Newton-John.

#10: Get Over It! (April 30th, 2014)
More info TBA!