Bloody Underrated is a not-for-profit organization with the mission to support alternative art forms in any way possible, and to promote underrated artists and their work. It is also part of B.U.’s mission to produce events that generate attention for said artists – hence the creation of the SOLOS festival in co-production with Plein Espace, who share a similar mission. We do our best to locate great artists who are not getting enough attention and attempt to share them with a new audience. We’re into almost every genre, and we’re always on the lookout for talented bands, great plays, or any other events that seem to be going unnoticed and could use some exposure. Got any suggestions? Any comments? We want to hear them – drop us a line. Long live independent art!


The Bloody Underrated Team:


Shane Adamczak – BU’s token Australian. Actor, improviser, writer, and musician. He writes the stories about Frank Allen (the tiny man who lives in Al’s beard), Fringe blogs and other bits and pieces.

Danielle Axelrad – Monthly columnist, writer of D-Tales. Book enthusiast, writer, blogger, master wrapper, gift shop savior.

cafepicBrian Clarke – Music enthusiast and poet. He’s been writing music reviews on and off since 2011 and some form of poetry since elementary school.

Sophie Croteau (Treasurer) – Theatre specialist, comic book admirator, movie watcher and zine maker. That girl who keeps writing in French!

VicVictoria Laberge (Vice President) – Vic runs the website, draws B.O.A.T.S. sometimes, and recently released her debut EP, Songs About Boys, produced by BU Records.

Al Lafrance (President) – Al founded Bloody Underrated in 2010. He’ll be touring his debut solo show, The Quitter, along the 2014 Fringe circuit.
Check out this interview from May 2012 in which he talks about the site.

Clara's HeadshotClara Legault – By night: a BU theatre critic, a leading lady of Montreal band Motel Raphaël, and a certified party girl. By day: a Political Science and Creative Writing student at Concordia and blogger.


Tasha Lovsin – Writer, blogger, improviser and occasional cartoonist. You can catch her on stage at the Montreal Improv theatre, or you can find out more about her personal adventures
by checking out her blog.

Clay Nikiforuk – Clay is a writer, editor and performing artist from Vancouver who is now making Montreal her home. Keep an eye out for her Montreal and Toronto Fringe one-woman show
The Dysmorphia Diet.


Magali Planet-Sultan – Bachelor of Film Studies and jeweler, is currently pursuing studies in interpretation in sign language. Loves to cook, sing and hang out.


Angela Potvin – A practicing immigration lawyer with a background in theatre. She enjoys pathos, weight lifting, Brecht, comedy and ice cream.


Kathryne Radburn (Board Member) – Shogun Warrior, Invincible Defender of world freedom, and author of Mostly Dinosaurs.

StephenStephen Maclean Rogers – An erstwhile ‘planter, Stephen works as an actor, producer, writer in his brand-new Montreal playground.


Sue Snyder – Bellydancer with Cult of Yes and Ethereal Tribal. Writes about music and theatre.

solo2Andrea Stanford – Andrea has dabbled in stand-up comedy and played the awkward teenager in Verbal Diary-ah: Confessions of an Awkward Teenager (2011 Montreal Fringe Festival, 2013 Solos Festival). @AndreaStanf

Michelle White (Board Member) – Resident comic book expert and movie addict.

Matt Xhignesse – Actor, musician, writer, maybe one day director, all-around awesome fella.



The Dirty Feet Team: Allison Elizabeth Burns, J.D. Papillon, Joannie Pharand
Craig Cairns
Rose Jang
Yana Kesala
Xavier Lajule
Stefano Maviglia
Paul Naiman
Keith Charles Smith Jr.
Daniela Smith-Fernández
Heather Stewart


Reach anyone and everyone at bloodyunderrated[at]gmail[dot]com. We’d love to hear from you!

And if you’ve got a few dollars to spare, we’d appreciate them. All donations go directly towards site maintenance and future collaborative projects.