BUMP: Megan Alford


Valentine’s Day was the somewhat ironic release date for Megan Alford’s The Men EP. Native to Vancouver, and formerly of Montreal band Valleymakers, Alford crafts five starkly beautiful songs that explore her own experiences in unrequited love. Intro track “Quarter Life” alludes to chasing someone she fails to acknowledge isn’t right for her, despite the obvious warnings to the contrary. A similar theme is explored throughout the remainder of the EP, interspersed with some sparse, yet rich instrumentation.

The five songs, spanning thirteen minutes, bear similarities to the more recent work of Joanna Newsom and the enlisting Folly & the Hunter members Christopher Fox and Laurie Torres, for the recording and production of The Men, polishes each track. The songs themselves appear as capricious as the seasons; even the EP’s cover depicts the bounds of fall giving way to the deep cold of winter, wherein leaves of a deep-red hue are strewn across a backyard, some of which resemble blood. Beauty turning morose, but only temporarily.

The Men serves to vindicate Megan Alford’s decision to venture into a solo career and, given the evidence here, a full-length release would allow her to flourish even further. No tour dates were available at the time of writing, in the meantime you can stream or download (for any price you want!) the EP on her bandcamp page.