We’re totally dead.

Dear readers,

After almost five years of reviewing some of the best contemporary festivals, theatre, music, literature and visual art on the scene; of producing events and new works by emerging artists; of shining a light on deserving local and Canadian talent – Bloody Underrated came to a close in November 2014.

We are so proud of all the work we have done, the projects we have accomplished and the position we have claimed in the community. Though Bloody Underrated will be missed, we feel that it’s time to move on.

Thank you to the the readers who have followed and supported our work. Thank you to all the contributors who have joined our ranks over the years and shaped it into the organization it is today. And most of all, thank you to the artists we set out to promote. You are the ones who inspired us to create a platform from which we could declare our respect and admiration. You are the ones who made it all happen.

All our love,

Vic & Al
And the BU team